What are interesting series about traders?

In recent months, a large number of reads in the blog scored an article about what movies are worth watching a trader . The article has been read more than 3000 times! And it is very pleased with our authors. Now we offer you a selection of art series and films about traders, also about the exchange.

Irina Khakamada believes that it is more effective to study any things from films, not from books , because it includes the emotions that you live in, sympathizing with the characters and rejoicing for them. Studies that are colored with an emotional background give more significant results than academic ones.

Therefore, we decided to return to this topic and announce four interesting series that will immerse you in the atmosphere of financial markets.

The documentary “The Warriors of Wall Street” starring Alexander Gerchik

We hope you understand why we started with it, although this tape is not artistic.

A film about the legendary Wall Street , a street that makes some rich, throws others off the pedestal, and not everyone is given the opportunity to rise again. Here destinies of the world and separate persons are carried out. And each transaction is accompanied by a fierce confrontation and overcoming a multitude of pitfalls. A documentary film about traders shows a dirty backstage hidden from the common people , where intrigues, greed and traps prepare.

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A decent trader in such an environment is not easy to survive and take place in his beloved business. Three seasons of the American tape will keep you on your toes, show the details of the life of sharks trading, the dramatic moments of trading from unexpected astronomical profits to the instant loss of millions of states.

If you carefully watch this series about traders, then you will understand that on stock exchanges, fortunes are not only created but also lost,  even by experienced market participants. For a successful final it is not enough to have a decent start-up capital. Trade requires fantastic awareness and forethought of each step, loyalty to the principles, the right values.


The series is recognized as one of the best dramas of 2016 (10th place).

Each episode is a confrontation between two strong personalities. The financial genius of billionaire Bobby Axelrod is the strongest dislike of the powerful prosecutor Chuck Rhodes, who suspects a dirty trick and a crime in everything, although he has no direct evidence against Axelrod.

The latter achieved his incredible success in the money on Wall Street and often makes deals on the verge of a foul, where the slightest careless step – and you are already beyond the law. Although Bobby’s intentions are relatively clean, the game has to be very risky. The stakes in it are too high – with ten-digit numbers. Therefore, we must show cunning and resourcefulness in order to keep our motives and intentions secret.

Prosecutor Chuck Rhodes has a reputation as a principled and successful fighter against corruption, who has never lost any of the 80 cases in court. And here he gets information about suspicious transactions of companies associated with Axelrod. The case is complicated by the fact that in the company of Bobby, Chuck’s wife works, and he cannot give up the case due to professional pride. Either the prosecutor will lose his impeccable reputation, or win the biggest case in his life and remove all the cream. This film is not only about finances, but also about the life values ​​of theAmerican elite.

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We do not specifically focus on the trader component of the film for the simple reason that Alexander Gerchik has already expressed his opinion in the video, which you can watch below:

Domestic series “Trader” (2018), filmed by Sergey Zhigunov

The action of the series covers a period of 8 years from 1995 to 2003. The tape is filmed in the genre of political thriller and is based on real events. The main characters are people who are trying to simply survive in the new economic reality,  in conditions of a collapse of the economy and a strong default. And it is still unknown what is worse – when conditions for business development are dictated by gangsters in sports uniform or those in power. How to achieve and stand on top in such an environment – only God knows.

Particularly inventive citizens managed to make a huge fortune in a week. But just as quickly it was possible to lose the latter. And what is criminal and corruption in the post-Soviet space – no need to explain. This is not a civilized America!

The protagonist – the head of the foreign trade company Mr. Chernikov is played by the magnificent Mikhail Gorevoy , who is best known to the audience on the TV series “Frog” . In each episode of the new film about the exchange, you are famously awaiting the twisted plots about the hero’s difficult path to prosperity, troubles and hardships, difficulties and their overcoming.

Will the main character succeed in bringing to life all that he has in mind? Watch all 16 episodes of the new series about the trader and get to the final with him.

“Million Traders”

This is a series about the inner workings of the London financial market , where a hedge fund manager checks employees for suitability. He is ready to provide money to market novices to see and make sure that an ordinary person can become a professional trader. And ready to wait for the return of their investments.

No one has any idea about the upcoming 2008 crisis. According to the plot, successful candidates were selected long before 2008. Soldier, entrepreneur, veterinarian, ecologist, student, IT consultant, boxing promoter and shopkeeper were trained and sent to specially created sites to check them in action. Each of the characters was colorful – some were worried, others were trying to overcome the market. And each had their own style of trading . Effective or not – let’s judge the viewer who understands the topic.

Do you like our new selection?

Maybe you already looked at something from our list?

Share your comments in the comments. Or offer a movie or series on a financial topic that hooked you.

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